eBook Vol. 3

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How to create amazing pictures! Vol. 3

Hi, thanks for your interest in purchasing this eBook. My name is Guillermo Fierro, I'm advertising and conceptual photographer. I specialize in making high visual impact images for advertising agencies, production houses and all kind of companies.

This is the 3rd book I've written where I share my experience and skills that I've learned throughout my career as a photographer. In this volume I explain step by step how to use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery / 3D Objects) so you can combine it with traditional photography and be able to create amazing and creative images for advertising, product photgraphy or personal concepts.

You don't need a super computer to do it. I will give you many tips to use 3D objects on mid-range computers and you will be able tu use big and complex 3D models made in any program such as Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, etc.

Now you will be able to create images of anything you can imagine. Thanks to CGI you will be able to create even the impossible, such as a child being abducted by an UFO!

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This is another example of the kind of work you'll be able to make after learning what's in this book:

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The following video shows how to use 3D objects to add later in your photo projects:

You don't need to have any previous knowledge about the use of 3D objects, because in this book I will explain step by step and from scratch how to use Blender, a free and very powerful program for modeling, lighting, rendering, animation and creation of 3D Objects.

The topics in this book will prepare you to use any previously designed 3D model, no matter what program they were created in.


Installing Software

If you don't have Blender installed on your computer yet, in this topic I explain how to do it and what settings to use for a better performance.

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You will learn how to use Blender from scratch, how to navigate in the interface and how to move around a 3D scene for the first time.

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A 3D object behaves like real life objects, depending on the material it's made of, it's the way it will look and react to the light. You'll learn to assign and edit materials such as solid, transparent, metallic, glass, mirror, luminous, etc.

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Textures are the soul of any 3D object, it depends on them if the model will have good or bad resolution. You'll learn to use and assign 2K, 4K, 8K and 16K textures.

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Nodes are the heart of editing a 3D object. You'll learn how to use nodes to edit and manipulate the appearance of any 3D object as well as the scenes. You will also learn to index textures to automatically load them to other objects without the need to repeat processes.

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Animated Models

You'll learn to use animated models to edit their bones and be able to change their poses to better suit your projects.


You'll learn to light 3D objects so that they adapt to the lighting of your photography.

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Image-Based Lighting

You'll learn how to use photos to light 3D objects with the same tones and lights as the photos.

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You'll learn to make renders to use them in your photography projects.

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You'll learn how to use your sketches within Blender as a guide for editing 3D objects.

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Model Optimization

You don't need to have a high-end computer to use CGI. In this topic you will learn how to optimize big and complex 3D objects so that you can use them on mid-range computers or Laptops.

You'll also learn how to import into Blender any 3D model made in the most commercial programs such as Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Unreal Engine, etc.

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For a better understanding of the topics, 14 supporting videos are included.

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Play the following video to see a sample:

3D Models and Textures are included to practice the topics.

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And many tips and tricks

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eBook available on June 2022

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This book focuses only on using and editing 3D objects with Blender. If you want to learn photography techniques, lighting setups, editing and complex photomontages with Photoshop, you can see all these topics in the first two volumes. Click on the book to see more information:

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e-Book in PDF format and videos in MP4 format than you can read in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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